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New York, Nov. 2017: Food, Part I

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I know what you're thinking, and yes, absolutely, New York food needs two posts. This first part will be all about restaurants I went to and loved in NYC, and part II will be about snack or breakfast places. Since I was only there for a few days, the selection isn't huge, but they are honest recommendations!

Dead Rabbit

Situated in lower Manhattan, near the ferry station, Dead Rabbit is a restaurant and bar very well known for its original and delicious cocktails. It is basically a traditional Irish bar with a modern vibe, and it has a pretty cool story which you can read about on their website. We went there for lunch right after our Liberty Island ferry ride. We were starving and Dead Rabbit did not disappoint! The service was very friendly, the food came out pretty fast and the burgers were great. The only downside for me was the bread they used, which felt pretty industrial - a homemade bun would have been the perfect final touch. I also had a very fresh cocktail made from cucumber, dill and vodka, which was great.



Dos Caminos

Dos Caminos.JPG

Dos Caminos is a Mexican restaurant chain in NYC. We stumbled upon their Third Avenue location on our first night in the City, while walking randomly in search of a place to eat, and were very happy with our decision to check it out. They claim their food is authentic Mexican cuisine - I honestly couldn't tell you if that's true, but it was pretty delicious. What you can see on the photo is two plates of tacos - one with shells, one which they call "naked" - and three different kinds of salsa. They also offer a great selection of cocktails, including frozen margaritas. The atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed. I was actually surprised to find out later that it was a chain, because it didn't have that industrial feel at all! The one thing, however, that did leave a sour taste in my mouth, was the bill - the prices are not too extravagant, but definitely more than we were expecting to pay for pretty simple dishes.








Umi Sushi

On our last night in New York, pretty astonished that we hadn't had one piece of sushi the whole time, we decided to try Umi Sushi, which had pretty good online reviews. We had a bit of a hard time finding it - for some reason the name isn't written anywhere on the outside of the restaurant - but we were glad we didn't give up. The service was super nice and the sushi was delicious! It really had that small business kind of feel, and I wouldn't be surprised if I found out that it was a family business (although I could totally be wrong). The staff is very professional, they know what they're doing for sure, while also being very welcoming and friendly. The price was also a big plus; we definitely thought we might be taking a risk going there because it was much cheaper than anywhere else in NYC (or in Switzerland, for that matter), but all factors combined, I don't think we could have chosen a better place. They don't have a website, but you can check out their menu here:




Gallagher's Steakhouse

We had heard about and reserved Gallagher's steakhouse weeks ahead of time - if not months, and we had pretty big expectations. We were looking forward to an evening of good food, good wine, a nice, chic atmosphere and probably spending way more money than we should. We were pretty satisfied, however the prices were a little steeper than we thought - nothing too surprising for a nice steakhouse in NYC, but still a little much for two students on a budget. Because of this, we decided not to drink any wine, but the rest was great. Melissa ordered a steak with hash browns, and I had the salmon with french fries. The food was really delicious and all the waiters were really friendly.

That's all for the restaurants I loved and wanted to recommend! Obviously we went to other places, but some of them were nothing special and not worth mentioning, and we did have one bad experience - all I'll say is make sure you check out some reviews for any place you are considering eating at, especially if you have limited time and want to enjoy every meal!

The second part of our food experience in NYC will be coming up soon! Have a good Sunday! And if you enjoyed this post, please click the little heart at the top of the article - you can also share it on Facebook, Tumblr or Pinterest from there!